Art in Sight

Imagine driving into Fayetteville from Route 19 and one of the first things you see is a giant, inspiring work of staggering artistic importance on the side of the Fayetteville Physical Therapy building.

We can imagine it, too. In fact, we can imagine it all over town. That’s why one of our goals is to install at least one outdoor mural or sculpture annually in prominent visual locations in and around the Fayetteville area. Artwork will be submitted by regional artists and selected by our Board of Directors and Advisory Panel. Our role models for creating a community rich in visual arts and many, but we’d like to especially cite Art In Place and the McGuffey Art Center, both of Charlottesville, Virginia for leading the way in community beautification.

In 2012, the very year we launched the Coalition, we doubled our Art-In-Sight goal. That is to say, we installed not just one project, but two! Charleston muralist, Rob Cleland, completed work on Fayetteville’s first mural in September and in December, we unveiled Jeff Fetty’s sculpture at the intersection of Court St. and Keller Ave.