Artist Links

Links to local and regional artists.

Cherese WeaverCherese Weaver
Each sculpture is unique. As an artist, I am passionate about archaeology and anthropology and find my creative works parallel what inspires me. My influences include ancient cultures, spirituality, forensic science and a love of the mysterious—those questions surrounding cultures, religions, rituals and people now gone from this earth.

Rick RioRick Rio
I taught myself how to make jewelry in 1983 in Hampton, Virginia. Since then, I have traveled all over the United States, exhibited my work in art shows, owned a few shops, won several awards, and am learning more every day. All my designs are a self expression for me. I would say my designs are an accumulation of my travels around the world and nature.

Ginger DanzGinger Danz
A mother and avid baker, I see artistic potential in even the most domestic scenes. I enjoy the multi-sensory experience of painting, especially the buttery texture and warm vibrant colors of acrylic paints, and layer color and texture to achieve depth in my still life paintings.